[PBL] Trigger 3

1. How does a company grow and develop into the different structures? (Include advantages, disadvantages of the different structures in terms of comparing) 2. What are the basic internal problems/challenges that different companies face while growing? 1 Type Functional–Also commonly called a bureaucratic organizational structure, the functional structure divides the company based on specialty. This … Continue reading [PBL] Trigger 3

[HRM] Case 2

Labour Union benefits workers, through using collective bargaining. Managers' roles(labour relations specialists) : negotiate with Labour Union --> Labour Relations Strategy Acceptance strategy Avoidance strategy - union substitution (doing so good that workers don't have incentive to join union) or union supression (sometimes maybe unethical)   Legal Environment US: Wagner Act, Taft-Herley Act, Landrum-Griffin Act. … Continue reading [HRM] Case 2