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[PBL] Trigger 6

I. Business plan Can be business model canvas?   Business plan A business plan is the company’s manual, required for launching a successful business. Its role is to assist in systematically outlining and planning the business and profitability of a new enterprise. Key contents of the business plan Business idea What do you sell? … Continue reading [PBL] Trigger 6


[HRM] Case 6

Case study Case 6A: A young intern died of It is said to be normally for workers in investment banks to work for long hours. The work-life balance is very bad. In this case, the intern worked continuously for very very long time


CASE 5: Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation In the 21st century tasks (more complicated and require higher cognitive skills), make employees focus on intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation The intrinsic motivation include autonomy, mastery and purpose Extrinsic motivation include money and other kind of rewards. A few experiments show that extrinsic motivation lures people … Continue reading [HRM] CASE 5

[HRM] Case 2

Labour Union benefits workers, through using collective bargaining. Managers' roles(labour relations specialists) : negotiate with Labour Union --> Labour Relations Strategy Acceptance strategy Avoidance strategy - union substitution (doing so good that workers don't have incentive to join union) or union supression (sometimes maybe unethical)   Legal Environment US: Wagner Act, Taft-Herley Act, Landrum-Griffin Act. … Continue reading [HRM] Case 2