Key points and challenges

An employees got a very negative appraisal for the first six months at a company although he though he did everything well. He followed all the instructions and tasks of the supervisor, and the supervisor also didn’t give any feedback at that time. The employee was very disappointed at that time.

In the next six months, the employee and the supervisor had a plan that specify goals and expectations. Also the supervisor was more active in mentoring when he gained enough trust. After that everything went well.

From the case, we can conclude that

1. The appraisal must be done in the right way to assess employee  precisely. That include clear communication between supervisor and employee, clear goals and expectations so the employee can follow.

2. If those thing are not done in the right way, it can create dissatisfaction in employees, because they expect the outcome totally different.


Theory part:

Performance Appraisal: administrative/ developmental purposes

Benefit: legal defense/merit system/ feedback/improve outcome/motivate workers


Measuremnt tools:

Relative and absolute judgments

Trait, behavioral and outcome data


Rater oerrors and bias

The Influence of Liking

Organizational politics


Managing performance

Appraisal Interview: give geedback to discuss performance and salary.

Improve performance

+ Identify causes of performance problems

+ Developing an Action plan

+Directing communication



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