[HRM] Week 4

Case study

The case of New York Police and Receipt Rage show the incompetency of employees. That results from the bad hiring and training process. We can infer from that the importance of HRM in prevent law suit and other worse thing happened.

The case of Flint Family is the direct violation of rights from employers. This considered unethical



Respecting Employees Rights and Management Discipline

1 . Employees Rights

To protect employees, 3 types

Statutory rights: protected by specifics laws

Contractual rights: based on law of contracts, binding promise

Other rights: Rights employees expect to have but no legal   support (right to ethical treatment, right to privacy, freedom of speech)

2. Employers (management) rights

Emloyment at will


Rights of employers and employees sometime conflicts –> Challenges


Random Drug Testing

Electronic Monitoring

There are needs to use electronic monitoring (theft, which include theft of marchandise, embezzlement, industrial espionage etc, caused high cost for business)

But increase electronic monitoring can decrease the morale of employees


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